BROWFOOD Phyto-Medic Augenbrauenserum Eyebrow Enhancer

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The world's first & only Ecocert brow enhancing serum to help restore brows and help minimize... mehr
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The world's first & only Ecocert brow enhancing serum to help restore brows and help minimize brow loss. Introducing the World's First & Only Ecocert Eyebrow Enhancer, BrowFood. Create the appearance of thicker, fuller, stronger brows with this revolutionary, natural eyebrow enhancer featuring Phyto-Medic Complex. BrowFood is a powerful formula clinically demonstrated to enhance the look of over-plucked, thin and uneven brows. A treatment cosmetic advanced by Phyto-Medic Technology. BrowFood feeds brows with nature's most powerful ingredients.   Phyto-Medic Complex Revolutionary herb extracts clinically demonstrated to improve the environment surrounding the lash and brow follicles and provide the moisture balance to reinforce and drastically improve lash & brow appearance.   Arginine An essential amino acid which creates a barrier and helps protect against breakage and damage while maintaining moisture balance.   Adenosine Bio-ingredients that revitalize and rejuvenate skin to promote the ideal environment for lashes to flourish.   Rice Protein  Helps strengthen and protect follicles for visibly thicker and stronger looking lashes and brows.   Lavender Water Refreshes and nourishes for healthy, stronger looking lashes and brows.   Peony Root Complex Essential Peony nutrition to revitalize and rejuvenate skin.   Soy Protein  Natural protein to help strengthen, condition, and soothe lashes and brows.     Use with eyelash extensions to get longer lasting bond life This product is Ecocert Certified Dermatologist Tested & Approved Passed - Consumer Skin Sensitization Patch Study (Non-Irritating Formulation) Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Contains No: Prostaglandin, Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Gluten, Silicone, Synthetic Fragrances,Synthetic Dyes, Mineral Oils, Phenoxyethanol, PEG, Petrochemicals,Phthalates, GMOs,formaldehyde donors. Ingredients have been evaluated for its environmental impact (biodegradability, ecotoxicity) Packaging components are made with Ecocert compliant and sustainable materials. Apply nightly onto the root of clean eyebrows. Sweep applicator brush along sparse areas. Let product dry before applying additional products.  PM treatment Each bottle is a 3-4 Month Supply

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